February 29, 2012

Kindle Touch Cover

At the Levenger store at the Prudential, they sell a MoleskinexFFFD Digital Folio for E-Readers. This is a great Folio since it also has a notepad so you can take notes when youxFFFDre reading.

This will not work with the Kindle touch, as the Folio is too tall for the Kindle Touch. The store manager told me that some of the folios that Barnes and Noble sells would fit the Kindle Touch.

The Amazon store has a good selection of Kindle touch designs, but I think they are pretty expense. I donxFFFDt know why someone would spend $60 to cover a $99 device.

I think a great place to look for cover would be Etsy. You can find all sorts of unique covers and you can make special requests from the designers. They have a few Disney designs, but I havenxFFFDt seen a good Haunted mansion design.

Another good place is Ebay! There are all sorts of economic covers and if you search by the dimensions (6.8" x 4.7" or 172 mm x 120 mm) you can get a much larger selection. Some sellers donxFFFDt target their covers for a particular device so they may not list their product description.


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