November 23, 2011

jZip and Searchqu Toolbar

Apparently if you install the free jZip application you also get to install the Searchqu Toolbar for Firefox. I don't read everything during the installation, but I am sure if it mention the toolbar I wouldn't have opt for that.

To disable the toolbar, since it doesn't appear to offer any value, you simple select the Firefox Add-ons and then disable the Searchqu Toolbar, this will probably be the last item in you list.

Your best bet would be to remove the application completely. However, I find that disabling it is better since the 'jZip' application will think that its still there and work normally. Who knows if the application checks to see if the toolbar is install, I didn't even know it was going to install the application.

Nice that when doing a Google search on SearchQu, that everything that shows up on the first page is how to get rid of the application, not what why you should keep it.


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