October 28, 2011

Enable agent forwarding on OSX

Here's how to enable enable agent forwarding on Macintosh OS 10.5 (Leopard)

In this example, I am on the machine name "computer-5" with the username sjobs and want to get to apple.acclaim.com using a host server called aspen.acclaim.com without having to type in a username/password. This is done using agent forwarding, a cool feature of SSH, so

I emailed the administrator my id_dsa.pub file and they put it in the home directory on aspen.acclaim.com. I then ran the following steps. Items in blue is what I actually typed in when I opened up the Terminal application:

computer-5:~ sjobs$ ssh-add .ssh/id_dsa
Identity added: .ssh/id_dsa (.ssh/id_dsa)
computer-5:~ sjobs$ ssh -A aspen.acclaim.com
Last login: Fri Oct 23 18:56:24 1998 from root.netscape.com
[sjobs@comp ~]$ ssh -A apple.acclaim.com
[sjobs@apple.acclaim.com ~]$

The above is a short step of what needs to be done. Hopefully this helps you into the right direction.


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