February 10, 2011

Real Audio Stream

This is more for my note taking than anything thing else. I just need to jot down the steps of making the streaming audio files using Real Audio correctly. For some reason I never thought to write down all the steps to make streaming media.

Steps to make an Audio Stream.

  1. Encode any audio file to a .ra format, be sure to save it as .ra (Using Real Audio Encoder)
  2. Upload the file to the server
  3. Using a Text Editor create a new file that links to the file in step one, save the file as .RAM
  4. Upload the second file to the server
  5. When sending out the link use file in #3

If I have a file called today.ra on my server, I should also have a reference file called today.ram that points to the original source file. When someone click on the link to the today.ram the server will think that I am sending a Real Audio file and let the browser know that. Your browser will then open up the Real Audio application and pass the contents of the RAM file to Real Audio.

This is pretty easy to set up, and you can easily have a computer handle steps 3&4.


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