October 26, 2010

Dunkin Morning

This morning I stopped at Dunkin Donuts on 692 Cochituate Rd in Framingham, MA. I decided to get some munchkins for my co-workers.

I asked for 25 munchkins mix and no plain munchkins. So the first thing the guy did was reach for plain munchkins.

I told him again no plain munchkins.

He said it wasn't plain since there was a Jelly label underneath the basket. However, it was clearly plain and the basket in the bottom row were clearly Jelly munchkins.

I didn't argue with him anymore, as it was only munchkins and it didn't matter. But seriously do people really judge everything by the labels and not use common sense by looking at the product.

Thanks Jorge R, for the jelly munchkins that will taste very plain...


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