August 30, 2010

Steve Job Optimism in 2000

Steve Jobs at MacWorld in 2000:

"These are very challenging times across the whole economy and particularly in our industry. Our competitors are laying off thousands of people and there's certainly cause for despair, if you believe that the personal computer is basically something that you use spreadsheet and word processing on and html terminal for the internet. If that's all you think there is then there is cause for despair, but that's not what we think, we think different.

We believe that the personal computer is under going a rapid evolution that is the center of our digital lives and we have NEVER been more excited about this stuff and we are INVESTING and we are going to INOVATE our way through this downturn like the products you seen here today and more coming and when this thing turns around, we are going to be in a great place.

So we are going to INVEST our way through this because we the brightest future ever for the personal computer lies ahead. Thank you very much."


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