June 30, 2010

Theories and Principles

Having fun with Randomization, here are some theories and scientific principles that you probably never heard of:

  • New Broadcasters Theory by Lilia Fresh
  • Residue's Psychopathics Principle by Jaclyn Farnam
  • Extirpation Grownup Theory by Jolene Fuqua
  • Holder Corruption Principle by Jacynth Field
  • Aftershock's Synergism Theory by Chas Gardner
  • Tomboys Dislodging Principle by Cchaddie Tittle
  • Partridge's Iroquois Theory by Jodie Furgerson
  • Corinne's Cosmonauts Principle by Broderick Gould
  • Bogies Fecund Theory by Lizabeth McCabe
  • Singe April Principle by Carney Grammer

Maybe they will be something true someday, but for now they are just a case of random words put together.


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