February 2, 2010


I have been looking for tool very similar to TextExpander by Smile on my Mac. This is a great text replacement tool that allows you to type in some characters and the text gets replace. For example if I type in tx it gets replace with Thank You.

TextExpander is great, but its for Macintosh Only. Which is a problem since at work I use Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

I am currently testing Breevy, by 16 Software. So far the application works great! I am not seeing any performance issues with my computer. I run Visual Studio 2008, Outlook and several different browsers and don't see any performance hit by using a text expander program.

The application is very easy to install and can be access by clicking on the icon in the Task bar. The Typo Auto Correction is very cool as it automatically replaces misspelled words in any application.

I am still testing it out to see if its worth purchasing it for $29.95. I am liking the results that I see thus far, and I think that it will definitely help my performance at work. My trial period ends on March 1st.


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