October 30, 2009

Wii Sales

Last Christmas you couldn't find a Wii any place. Stores weren't able to keep inventory of them for even a day. On Ebay, people were selling Wii's for $500, and were getting multiple bids!

This year it might be much easier to find a Wii, according to this Wall Street Journal Story:

Nintendo Co. said Friday it was caught off guard by how quickly the market for its Wii videogame machine slowed down and estimated that it would take some time for the home console to regain its momentum.

We got a Wii last year and its a fun machine. We don't use it that much, no real reason. We have plenty of games to play with, there's no real game that we feel that we have to play with all the time. It makes great fun with company is over and people are looking for things to do.


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