September 28, 2009

Using the X-Shot

I recently purchase the X-Shot for our trip to LA and Las Vegas. Here are some notes:

  • I suggest packing the X-Shot in a suitcase, I don't think airline security will allow it on the airline.
  • There was no problem bringing the X-Shot to Disneyland. Several Cast members saw me using it and didn't say anything. Some online post suggest that Disney doesn't like people bringing tripod into Disneyland, but that was not the case with the X-Shot.
  • In Disneyland, you can use the XShot to take some good pictures of the parade.
  • The X-Shot works really well with the Fuji FinePix e900 digital camera with the 2 second delay.
  • The X-Shot fit perfectly into my video camera bag and was very easy to use when the opportunity to use it came in handy.

Try the X-Shot on your next trip!



March 25, 2016.

Too bad these are not allowed in the parks anymore!

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