October 27, 2008

Procrastinate Tip Sheet

Everyone procrastinate at some point. Every April 15th you see people scrambling to get to the post office to pay their taxes, I have even seen people start their 1040ez form right in the post office at 10pm at night!

Waiting till the last minute isnít good time management and may cause you lots of money because youíre too much in a hurry to make any key decisions. Itís not practical to work against the clock.

If you find your Procrastinate a lot, and just canít get out of the constant cycle of doing things at the last minute, download this helpful Procrastination Tip Sheet and find ten ways to do it now.

If your think youíll download the Tip Sheet later, you should think again. Take control of your life by getting things done now! Be proactive and get things done now!


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