October 26, 2008

Free Obama buttons

In July, Moveon.org offered free Obama buttons to anyone that wanted it. I was a little hesitance because I know that there would be a catch. My college professor would always remind the class that thereís no such thing as a free lunch.

I decided to order a button and used one of my web email accounts to track the order. That way I would know that all emails that I got would be a result of the Obama button request.

Itís October 26, 2008 and the media has a tracker on how many days are left before election, I am sure someone has the number of hours count. However, I havenít received my Obama button yet. I am thinking that I am never going to get one.

If the Obama team canít keep their promise before an election, what do you think will happen once he gets into office? How many promises and pledges will he break if he is elected? Is he really trust worthy?

Something to think about just 9 days to goÖ


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