April 28, 2008

Goodwill Rejects

Goodwill is an excellent service for decluttering as they will take just about anything. However there's two things that I have seen that they will not accept:

  • Children Toys
  • USB Printers

They won't accept Children Toys because of all the reported lead recalls. I guess they don't want to have to figure out which toys are safe and which ones have been recalled. Solution: I guess the best thing to do is to trash any toy that you don't want anymore. If you know its safe you could always ask around at work to see if anyone needs it.

Not sure why they won't take USB Printers. I guess they have so many of them that they can't get rid of them, or they don't have any means to test to see if the printers work. Can you image the number of printer drivers they would need to have on a computer? Solution: If your printer is in good shape, use Freecycle to get rid of any printer you don't need. I wouldn't bother putting any cheap USB printer on eBay, you probably won't get much for them.


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