March 26, 2008

Red Sox Season 2008

The 2008 Red Sox season has begin! As you can tell from the above AP story, Manny Ramirez wanted to make sure that this is another wonderful year for the Boston Red Sox. He had a terrific off-season workout and the word on the street, from City of Palms Park, is that he is in great shape this year! He spent much of the Winter in Arizona working out.

We are looking forward to watching the Boston Red Sox become the first team since the 2000 New York Yankees to win back to back champions. I heard on ESPN radio that the Yankees will be AL Champions. However, I don't think this will be the case since Joe Torre is not the manager this year.

One good thing about the start of baseball season is a sure sign that Spring is here. Its been a long winter in New England. We got a lot more snow this year than we have gotten in the past few years.


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