January 16, 2008

PDF Central

I am working on updating the PDF Section on my website. There's a fair amount of traffic going to the page, but the content hasn't been updated recently so its time to step up!

So the goal is that by January 31st, I'll have at least 24 new and exciting PDFs on the site. This should be an easy and manageable goal since I have plenty of creative PDFs on my computer that I can share.

Here is the list of the top five downloaded PDFs from last year:

  1. Gulf War - A PDF version of my popular 1991 Gulf War page.
  2. Blackjack - A handy Blackjack guide to learn the basic blackjack strategy.
  3. Planner - Going on a trip? Use this Packing Planner to make sure you don't miss anything.
  4. Hollywood Sign - Everything you could possibly want to know about the famous Hollywood sign.
  5. VegasHotels - General information on the various hotels in Vegas, including hotel reservation numbers.

Check out the PDF section for more exciting documents!


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