October 24, 2007

World Series - Game One

Nothing comes easy in Life. Nobody ever gives you something because you wear a particular shirt.

Tonight the Red Sox will show everyone that they are the best team in baseball. The latest sports book has the Red Sox favored by 2 to 1 to win the World Series.

WTTK, a Boston area talk statioin, has been running segments on people that aren't into baseball and what they have been doing. I think most Bostonians are very excited that the Red Sox are in the World Series. Without question this is very good for the city.

If your heading to see the game take the 'T', avoid the large crowds that is expected to be in the area. After the game, take your time heading back, since there's usually a long wait to catch the 'T' out bound to Riverside.

Tomorrow, I'll make available some Wallpaper of Fenway park of photos that I took this year.


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