October 19, 2007

Haunted House Forum

The following was the banner screen for a Forum that I had on Delphi Internet. I found this while searching for some files this past week.

Brings back lots of memories...

                     Welcome to the Haunted House Forum!

          ~                ~
~       /                     ~            ~                     ~
      /                  November is National Aviation History Month ~
    I [] []    I       ~          October 1995:
    I     /   I                 Friday the 13th
    I   /     I           Rocky Horror 20th Anniversary
    I /                           Halloween!
    I---                   ~
    I      []   I            Chat with our Special Guests!
    I           I  Enjoy your Cappuccino with THUMB every morning a 7am!
    -------------  Tell your Horror Stories to LADY_CASPER every night!


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