October 8, 2007


Red Sox Win! Red Sox Win! Wahoo!!!

What a great game on Sunday, Manny and Ortiz hit home runs! Everyone played a great series! I love this quote from Larry Lucchino, Red Sox CEO in this mornings Boston Globe:

The Sox await the winner of the Indians-Yankees series.

"That surprises me a little," Lucchino said, "because in the past I've always felt you had to go through Yankee Stadium to validate your quest. I don't feel that way this year.

"Maybe it's a function of us being tested the way we've been the last few years - we've had a lot of intense experiences with them - but the train doesn't have to drive through the Bronx in order for us to get to the promised land."

I am hoping that the Indians-Yankees series goes 5 games, so the winner of the series is pretty tired by the time they come to Fenway Park.


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