August 29, 2007

Play Live Golf

The following is a SQL Query I wrote on April 27, 1999 for This was single sql query was designed to determine a tie breaker in an 18-hole online golf tournament.

The results of this query is important since the difference between winning and being in second could cost someone several thousand dollars.

This was never fully tested since never was launch since the founders were caught up with some legal issues with the SIC

SELECT a.user_id,b.username, a.t_game_score FROM tour_instance a, golf_user b WHERE a.tournament_id= 2 AND a.user_id=b.user_id ORDER BY a.t_game_score,a.hole18_score, a.hole17_score, a.hole16_score, a.hole15_score, a.hole14_score, a.hole13_score, a.hole12_score, a.hole11_score, a.hole10_score, a.hole9_score, a.hole8_score, a.hole7_score, a.hole6_score, a.hole5_score, a.hole4_score, a.hole3_score, a.hole2_score, a.hole1_score, a.hole18_putt, a.hole17_putt, hole16_putt, hole15_putt, hole14_putt, hole13_putt, hole12_putt, a.hole11_putt, a.hole10_putt, a.hole9_putt, a.hole8_putt, a.hole7_putt, a.hole6_putt, a.hole5_putt, a.hole4_putt, a.hole3_putt, a.hole2_putt, a.hole1_putt, a.hole18_drivedist, a.hole17_drivedist, hole16_drivedist, hole15_drivedist, hole14_drivedist, hole13_drivedist, a.hole12_drivedist, a.hole11_drivedist, a.hole10_drivedist, a.hole9_drivedist, a.hole8_drivedist, a.hole7_drivedist, a.hole6_drivedist, a.hole5_drivedist, a.hole4_drivedist, a.hole3_drivedist, a.hole2_drivedist , a.hole1_drivedist


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