August 16, 2007

Effective Space Management

In an effort to improve my home office I am planning on doing more organizing this weekend. My desk drawers are filled with junk and the top of my desk has lots of clutter.

Effective Space Management, is a very similar concept to Time Management. Effective Space Management is managing existing space more effectively. With a clean and organized space, personal productivity should be improved. A clutter space is not a workable space. However, the solution is not to throw everything on top of your desk into the desk drawers. This only leads to spending time later looking for things, thus causing unproductive time in the future.

There are three categories that the contents of my desk falls under:

Its time to throw away receipts that I don't need any more. I have a habbit of keeping CVS receipts because they usually include a coupon that I may use. If I come across any coupons that haven't expired yet I'll put them in my wallet and stop at CVS tomorrow morning.

Computer Supplies
I have some PCI cards and CD Sleeves in my desk drawer, however there's no need to keep these in the drawer. I have better things to put in its place. I have several computer supply bins that I'll be using for these items.

Office Supplies
I shouldn't have to keep all my office supplies in my desk drawer. So extra staples and envelopes will go into my office supply bin. Any time I need any office supplies, I know where to check.

Having a cleaner and organized office makes it much easy to be productive. I won't be spending needless time finding office and computer supplies.


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