August 9, 2007

Songs to spice your Mood

I found this on the Internet about 6 years ago when I was looking for songs on my iPod.


Depressed "Dance with Life" Bryan Ferry, "Keeper of the Flame" Martin Page, "I go to the Rock" Aaron Jeffery, "Emotions!" Mariah Carey, "Back in the High Life" Steve Winwood

Down and lonely-"Have a little faith" Jewel, "I have the touch" Peter Gabriel, "Get up Stand Up!" Bob Marley "Express Yourself" Madonna

Feel bummed about life-"I just want to Fly" Sugarray, "Elevate Your Mind" "I Feel Good" James Brown, "Wind Beneath my Wings" Bette Midler

Blue because nothing is going right- "Get knocked down" Chumba Wumba,"Don't Stop" by Fleetwood Mac, "Holiday" Madonna, "Promise of a New day" Paula Abdul "Life Is a Highway" Tom Cochran "Return to Innocence" ENIGMA

Choose to feel good for once this week-"Cherish" Madonna, "You're Simply the Best!" Tina Turner

Choose to get that zip back in your attitude-"Walking on Sunshine," Katrina and the waves, "Parra Von DeVas" The Iguannas, "Stir it up!" Bob Marley or B-Tribe, salsa or reggae is great too! (watch lyrics though) "Zippi Dee Doo Dah"

Tune to spark that," I can do anything!" feeling-"One Moment in Time" Whitney Houston, "King of the Raod"general


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