July 19, 2007

White House Inn of Wilmington

Planning a trip to New England for the Fall Foliage season?

White House Inn of Wilmington
178 Route 9 W, Wilmington, VT
(802) 464-2135

The spirit of Mrs. Martin Brown is said to haunt the historic White House Inn of Wilmington, Vt. Both staff and guests have reported unexplainable cold spots, doors that open by themselves, and visible apparitions. One guest reported being visited by an elderly lady in the middle of the night, who sat in a chair by the bed and exclaimed, "One Mrs. Brown in this room is quite enough!" The guest's name also happened to be Mrs. Brown.

The Inn itself includes a vast attic with creaks included, a dungeon-like basement with dark areas and coal boilers, a locking iron vault and even a hidden staircase.

Halloween weekend features a "Haunting" with a ghost hunt and seance.


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