June 1, 2007

Declutter is Awesome

Declutter is Awesome

This weekend I'll be cleaning the basement and organizing some of my stuff. Yes, I have lots of stuff. The basement is a mess and its long overdue for a good cleaning and organization. There are three key things that need to be sorted/put away that are cluttering the basement: Clothes, Computer Stuff, Books. Here's my plan to tackle each one of them.

I have a lot of clothes that are in trash bags sitting on the floor in the basement. Due to my success at Weight Watchers, many of these clothes are too big for me. This weekend I will be sorting the clothes into three piles: clothes that I don't need anymore, winter clothes, and clothes worth keeping. Summer clothes should be moved upstairs.

Computer Stuff
I have lots of DVD-Rs, Zip Disks and Floppy Disks. My solution will be to use an 18-Gal bin for all my floppy disks and Zip disks. These are legacy storage media, and while most cleaning experts would advise to throw them out, I do plan to back the media to a modern storage device such as Blue Ray or Hard Drive. The key thing I want to have is a central location for all my legacy media.

I also have a collection of cables and will be sorting these out into two categories: Audio/Video Cables, and Computer Cables. This will make finding cables a lot easier. Since I have different types of USB cables, I plan on labeling USB cables that are not USB2 compatible.

The main goal is to get the books off the floor and onto some shelves that are in the basement. I don't need to keep all the books, as most of them are old computer books that have absolutely no value. The best option is to drop these at the recycling center. I do have some books that are worth some money, and these will go in a special bin.


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