May 30, 2007

Getting a Refund from AOL

If you call to cancel your AOL account, the "member representative" will not offer you a refund for the current month. This is very bad customer service! So instead of customers leaving som what happy, they are even angrier than before.

According to this page, the following explains how AOL charges its members:

AOL reserves the right to change our fees or billing methods at any time and AOL will provide notice of any such change at least thirty days in advance in the same manner described above for changes to the Member Agreement. AOL also has the right to collect applicable taxes and impose premium surcharges for some areas of the service and these surcharges may apply even during your free trial. The answers to many common billing questions can be found by going to Keyword: Help, then selecting Accounts & Billing, going to Keyword: Billing, or by contacting an AOL customer service representative at 1-800-827-6364. If you don't like the changes in fees or billing methods, you may cancel your membership at any time, but AOL will not refund any remaining portion of the monthly fee when you cancel your membership. If you have joined AOL as a trial member, you should understand that your free trial time must be used within one month of your initial sign-on and to avoid being charged a membership fee, you must cancel your account before the end of that first month.

If you are not satisfied with the AOL membership representative response, do what I did, write a letter to AOL! I wrote them a nice business letter complaining about their service and demanded a refund. This is the address that I sent my letter, I also sent a copy of the letter to my credit card company:

22070 Broderick Dr
Sterling, VA 20166

Make sure that you request a refund in your letter! Don't just vent about the customer service!


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