November 27, 2006

OEM Software

Today I got a SPAM that was selling OEM software, and in the body of the email is a FAQ, with the following:
Q: Why is the software so inexpensive?
A: We offer the software for downloading only, it means that you do not receive a fancy package, a printed manual and license that actually aggregate the largest part of the retail price. In this situation we are restricted in selling the products for private purposes only! You will not be able to get a technical support and different rebates from the manufacturer. Updates are available for the most of our products (you may ask our support staff for the exceptions) that make them fully functional and operating. Additionally you save the delivery cost.

Great, so I spend $149 to download Adobe software, but can't use it since there's no license. Might be better off throwing the money out the window, at least there's a chance some of it might blow back in....


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