October 2, 2006

Red Sox Season Over

For the first time in 4 years, the Boston Red Sox will not be playing in the post season. Last night game, the last game of the season, was called off after the 5th inning due to the rain.

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to attend 5 games this year. The best games was on July 30th and August 11, both games the Red Sox came from behind and won! The last two games were a disapointment because it was very obvious that the Red Sox weren't going to the post season. The croud wasn't in it, and quiet frankly the Red Sox just didn't seem to be playing competitively.

Maybe the Red Sox will make the playoffs next year. However I don't expect that the Red Sox be out of the papers. Boston is a Baseball town, and the rumors of the changes that the head office will make will certainly be headlines to no matter what the Celtics and Bruins are doing.

The New England Patriots are off to a good start, they just beat the Cincinnati Bengals in Cincinnati. Can't wait to watch Bill Belichick work his magic this year.


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