September 15, 2006

G4 Computer in 2001

G4 2001

Wow has times have changed. The above is the root level listing of my G4 400 series computer on January 21, 2001. This shows you all the applications that I used all the time on my computer.

What I thought was cool then is no longer cool today. What ever happended to CD Master, Fusion Recorder, VideoShop. Six years from now, I wonder what I'll be thinking of the applications that I use today.

The main use of this computer was for video encoding, that's why you see a lot of video applications, such as Video Shop, Media Cleaner and Fusion Recorder.

A lot of thought went into ordering the applications on the main window. The way the listing works is:

  • Top Row are all the Root Folders, including the System Folder.
  • Second Row contains all the importaint applications that I use. With IE, and BBedit being the most frequent.
  • Third Row has all the secondard Applications. Netscape is first because it flows better having it below IE.
  • Forth Row contains Utilities and Video Applications.
  • Fifth Row has all the fun apps
  • Six Row are rarely used but essential applications. Anarchie is on the bottom row because I didn't do much FTP on this computer since I only had dialup access.


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