October 18, 2004

Red Sox Win game 4!

At 1:30 this morning the Red Sox finally woke up! David Ortiz hit a homerun in the 12th inning which resulted in a win again the New York Yankees in Game 4.

Tonight the baseball game starts at 5pm. I have a feeling that productivity around New England will drop around 3:30 this afternoon. In fact, since the game ended so late, I bet a lot of people decided to "work from home" today.

Last night I watched the game from home and used the WEEI as the audio. I noticed that the game on TV was about 1.5 seconds behind the radio feed. It made it weird to watch the game.

I am not sure if the delay was from FOX or from TIVO caused the delay. I'll test it later tonight since the CC Radio I have also picks up channel 7, and I can see if the delay also happens during a news broadcast.


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