August 2, 2004

LLBean in the Summer

Yesterday I drove up to LLBean in Freeport Maine. This is the first time that I can remember being in the store in a warm month. The last time I was there it was at least 40 degrees outside.

If you travel from the Boston area to LLBean via I-95, here's an interesting landmark to looks for: A graveyard by the side of the road. Its unique because the whole road has nothing but trees on both sides of the road. But if you look carefully, shortly after you pass, 'Now entering Kennebunkport,' you should see an old graveyard on the right.

The best time to visit the area on Sunday is sometime after 4pm. There were plenty of parking spaces, and most of the outlets are open till 6pm on Sundays. (LLBean is open 24 hours a day.)


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