February 20, 2004


With the increase of spam over the past few months, there has been a lot of alternative solutions to stopping them.

I think my solution works the best because there's no way spammers can get around it. No matter how much they try to hide some of their words, the email still will not get through.

Basically all you do is create a filter in your email client and check to see if the sender is in your address box, if not, the mail goes in a holding folder. I named my folder 'Frog' which is named after Brian Tracy's book 'Eat that Frog.'

Once a day I goto the 'Frog' folder and look at all the email to see if there is any legit email. This way I am not missing out on any new correspondences.

I would recommend anyone that gets a lot of Junk Mail to consider creating this filter.


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