February 14, 2004

Hidden Message

Did you know that George Bush thinks outsourcing US Jobs to foreign countries like India is good for the economy? Well its true!

"This week, Americans learned something important. Exporting jobs isn't an accident — it's administration policy," Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, chief author of the Jobs for America Act, told reporters on Capitol Hill. 
Members of Congress put together the 'Jobs for America Act' in response to President Bush's annual economic report, released Monday, in which he highlighted the benefits of sending jobs to other countries.

Last Tuesday, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry launched his attack against the president's call for outsourcing. 

“In their economic report, the Bush administration said that sending American jobs overseas is good for America and good for the economy. They've delivered a double blow to America's workers — 3 million jobs destroyed on their watch, and now they want to export more of our jobs overseas. What in the world are they thinking?"


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