December 19, 2003

Friday Traffic

I am predicting that the communte this morning and this afternoon will be lighter than normal. This is based on a theory that most people take the Friday before Christmas off to do holiday shopping. The Mass Pike was very quiet this morning, as was many of the back roads.

Red Sox & Alex Rodriguez
Most of the Boston media is reporting, this morning, that the deal to bring Alex Rodriguez to Boston is dead. My theory was that it wasn't ever supposed to happen. It was just a strategy that Theo Epstein was using to scare George Steinbrenner. The Red Sox had the best offense in Baseball in 2003, there is no need to add more strength to the offense. The main weakness was the pitching and they have fix that problem by bringing on Curt Schilling and Keith Foulke.

I think the Red Sox management knew that the Rodriguez deal was a long shot, but figured the publicity could help season ticket sales. We'll see what happens, but I don't think that 'Rodriguez' name has been printed on any Red Sox jersey.


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