June 30, 2003

495 off Cape Traffic

I drove up from Cape Cod via 495 this past weekend for the first time this year, I wanted to avoid the Hanover Traffic mess. I noticed that the 495 southbound lane had heavy traffic near the Tweeter Center where a James Tayler concert was about to start. There was no traffic in the northbond direction. TIP: If your going to any event at the Tweeter Center use I-495 North.

Also had the opportunity to have Fried Clams at Sir Cricket and the Lobster roll this weekend. Both were very good. However, the clam portions seemed smaller than usual. This could be the 'seasonal factor' that is, you get smaller portions of food during the busy time of the year.

No traffic this weekend getting off the bridge! Left the house at 6:18 pm and arrived in Concord around 8:40 pm, made one stop off the Cape Erricksons Ice Cream.


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