October 16, 2017

Crystal Arts

Each Disney World trip usually results in getting something special at the Crystal Arts shop. It's the place to go to get something special to remember our trip.

From Disney's Website:

Remember your visit with porcelain giftware, lead crystal glassware and Pave crystal in Disney characters and themes.

Crystal Arts

Crystal Arts2

The Crystal Arts store is located on Main Street USA in Disney World and in Disneyland. The store features lots of figurines and collectible items - including some that are made right in the store hot oven. There are some high price items, but there are many small items - quite simply they have just about anything to fit anyone's budget.

You can always ask one of the cast members about a gift that will your price range.

Sure we could just purchase a T-shirt or mug at the Emporium Store, but it doesn't have the same appeal as getting something nice at the Crystal Arts.

Fun Facts about Crystal Arts

  • Crystal Arts was previously at the seating area of Main Street Bakery. It was moved to the former Market House location. The new location is bigger.
  • On the sign it says it's established in 1875
  • The Town of Orlando was established in 1875. (I couldn't find anything else that would be significant for Disney in 1875.)
  • The Arribas Brother's have a their own website. You can read their story how their shop started in Disneyland and now have a store in all Disney theme parks.
  • You can join the Arribas Brother's Collector's Club for $19.50 which entitles you to save 10% on merchandise that you purchase in their store. You'll also be part of Greenback savings network where you'll save money on other stores.
  • Walk around the store and you'll see an area where someone does glass blowing or engraving. Also, note the porcelain giftware in the ally window. (Usually, find some very well done displays.)
  • Items purchased at Crystal Arts can be picked up at the exit, or at your hotel room or even better shipped to your home. We always have selected the home option because we don't want to have to worry about packing it for the trip home. You pay a bit more for the ship-to-home, but it's well worth it.

Magical Extras at Crystal Arts

If you purchase your vacation package through Walt Disney Travel Company, you also get this benefit:

Receive 10% off purchases at the Crystal Arts by Arribas Brothers stores at Disney Springs(R) Marketplace, Magic Kingdom(R) Park and Epcot(R). Exclusions apply. Not applicable to shipping charges. Some other restrictions apply. Discount may not be combined with any other offer.


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