September 26, 2016

Disney Park Numbers

This week we will look at Disney park attendance numbers over the past three years. The need for this topic came up in a recent discussion about all the new things Disney is working on to get people to visit the other parks in Disney World.

Disney the World Wide Leader

Year after year, Disney is the leader in amusement park attendance numbers. The four parks in Florida are in the top ten worldwide, with the Magic Kingdom being the most popular theme park visited in the world:

2015 Disney Numbers

In 2015, the Magic Kingdom became the first amusement park to surpass the 20 million annual visitors mark. The above chart shows that most people visit the Magic Kingdom. Clearly, Disney is working on the attracting visitors to the other parks.

2015 2014 2013
MAGIC KINGDOM 20,492,000 19,332,000 18,588,000
EPCOT 11,798,000 11,454,000 11,229,000
DISNEY'S ANIMAL KINGDOM 10,922,000 10,402,000 10,198,000
DISNEY'S HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS 10,828,000 10,312,000 10,110,000

People Don't Always visit Amusement Parks

Unfortunately Disney didn't make the top 5 most popular travel spot in the world (2013 data from

Las Vegas Strip 39,668,221
Times Square 39,200,000
Central Park, New York City 37,500,000
Union Station, Washington DC 32,850,000
Niagrara Falls 22,500,000
Grand Central Terminal, New York 21,600,000
Faneuil Hall, Marketplace, Boston 18,000,000
Magic Kingdom, Orlando 17,536,000
Disneyland, Anaheim 15,963,000
Forbidden City, Beijing 15,300,000

When came out with the infographic back in 2013, it became news because some people didn't realize that Boston's Faneuil Hall had more visitors than the Magic Kingdom.

According to Boston USA 2015 was a record year for tourists visiting Massachusetts. However, the statistics on the tourist visiting Faneuil Hall hasn't changed, as the the website still promotes the 18 million visitors a year number.

Today if was to update their statistics, I believe that the Magic Kingdom would be the 7th most popular tourist attraction in the world - easily overtaken Faneuil Hall spot. Everything else in the top 10 probably hasn't changed much in ranking.


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