September 12, 2016

Pleasure Island & Disney Springs

Pleasure Island Logo

Long before Disney Springs and Downtown Disney the area was known as Disney Marketplace and Pleasure Island.

Pleasure Island part of Downtown Disney opened on May 1, 1989 and officially renamed on November 18, 2010. Many of the nightclubs on the island were closed on September 27, 2008.

Pleasure Island

To get into any of the night clubs on the island you had to pay a single cover charge. This was something similar to how things were being done at Church Street Station in downtown Orlando.

Part of the attraction to Pleasure Island was that it was New Year's Eve every night. The lights would dim and the crowd would go crazy counting down to midnight.

This was to be a place for adults to have some fun after a long day at the park. All the night clubs were for 21+ and over.

Disney Executives decided to change the focus of Pleasure Island in response to guests who wanted more family-friendly attractions. The area of Pleasure Island is now called "The Landing."

Click on the Map to download the larger version of the Map of the Pleasure Island and see how much it has changed since 1991.

Things we Do in Disney Springs

Here are some of the things/shops that we visit during our Disney Vacation.

  • Check out the Disney Pin Traders store for the latest pins. Ask a cast member for any new stock or your favorite ride.
  • Make your own Disney Treat at the Goofy's Candy Company
  • Shop at the largest Disney Store in the World - The World of Disney. Find some unique Disney things for the home. You can always have the items shipped home.
  • Face Painting - The kids will like this
  • Train Ride - Fiun thing to do for the kids but the rides in the parks are so much better. (Come on Disney, I know you can build a better train ride!)
  • Disney Design-A-Tee - Make your Own Shirt, add your name and message. A custom souvenir! Great place to get last minute team shirts that you see everyone wearing.
  • Gluten Free Bakery - Great Gluten Free baked goods at the Erin McKenna's Bakery.
  • Disney Days of Christmas - Start a new tradition and get a Christmas Ornament on your trip.
  • The Art of Disney - Find some unique collectible. Great collection of souvenirs that you'll want to put in the Living Room.


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