August 29, 2016

Disney Popcorn Carts

Popcorn Cart

As your walking down Main Street USA, you can smell Cotton Candy, Cookies and Popcorn. The absolute freshest popcorn isn’t in the stores on Main Street USA, it’s from the carts that are all around the Magic Kingdom. All day they are popping delicious popcorn.

You can find the Popcorn Carts in every land in the Magic Kingdom. Typically you find them by the smell of fresh popcorn.

  • Main Street USA: One by the exit and another by Adventureland.
  • Adventureland: Near the Magic Carpet Ride
  • Frontierland: Across from the Country Bear Jamboree
  • Liberty Square: Next to the Liberty Square Tavern
  • Fantasyland: Near the Gaston’s Tavern and Dumbo Ride
  • Tomorrowland: Near the Astro Orbiter and Tomorrowland Speedway

At each of the popcorn carts they usually have some type of speciality souvenir container. In November/December you’ll find Santa Mickey souvenir container, and in the Fall you’ll find some halloween container.

Some Facts/Tips on the Popcorn Carts

  • If your looking for popular seasonally containers, the best place to find them is at the popcorn stand in Fantasyland.
  • If your getting a souvenir container, you can ask for a separate container for the popcorn. This way you don’t have to worry about cleaning it.
  • If you don't see any specialty souvenir container, ask for it. They may not have time to display it.
  • Should you or your child drop a box of popcorn soon after you walk away from the cart, go back to the cart and more often than not they will refill the popcorn container.
  • My favorite popcorn is at the cart at the end of Main Street near the castle. They tend to have the most crispy popcorn, this could be because they are the busiest popcorn cart.
  • The popcorn cart on Main Street is popular around parade and fireworks time, visit the one in Liberty Square to avoid the lines.
  • Check out the detail at the Popcorn Cart, usually they apply some local feature in the machine.
  • Regular size Popcorn counts as a snack on the Meal Plan! There is no "upgrade" pricing for the larger size.
  • I have collected plenty of Souvenir Buckets over the years and haven't done anything with them. They do make good storage for pens and pencils.
  • Disney uses Orville Redenbacher popcorn kernels
  • If your looking to build your own popcorn cart, use the Gold Medal brand Popcorn Popper.


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