May 2, 2016

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace

The Crystal Palace is a restaurant that serves Breakfast and Lunch with several Hundred Acres Woods Characters. The restaurant is located at the Magic Kingdom near the First Aid Center.

While you are enjoying your meal, You will see Pooh Bear, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore come by and visit your table.

Some notes on this location based on personal experiences:

General Overview

Crystal Palace Signs
  • This isn't the only place to get pictures of the Hundred Acres Woods Characters. You can see them near the Pooh ride in Fantasyland. They no longer are at Animal Kingdom. (May 7th 2014 was their last appearance.)
  • The Crystal Palace serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Breakfast is the cheaper of the three meals. This is a self serve buffet style restaurant.
  • We recommend starting your day at the Magic Kingdom at the Crystal Palace. Get a "Before the Park" open reservation. That way you can get to walk down Main Street USA and get a picture with the castle and Main Street with very little crowds.
  • The best place to sit is along the windows on the left side of the restaurant. You'll get a nice view of the castle. You may not always have a choice, but it doesn't hurt to ask when making reservations.
  • When making reservations make sure to mention any allergies that you may have. This way you hostess will know so they can make your dining experience even better.
  • If you get a reservation before the park opens, get to the gate at least 15 minutes before your reservations. When you arrive at the park entrance go to the far left turnstile (nearest the monorail) to get in to the park. You will just need to give the Cast Member your name and reservation time. Look for the Cast Member holding an iPad and check in with them.
  • Disney Photo Cast Members will be walking around Main Street to take your pictures before the park opens.
  • When you get to the Crystal Palace, go to the window next to the double doors entrance to check in. There might be a 5 to 10 minute wait, even if you have reservations. You may be given a beeper. There is some lemon flavor water near the entrance. Can you can spot the hidden Mickey?
  • There's great photo opportunities of the castle from the Crystal Palace waiting area. The bridge to Adventureland is a great place to take group photos.

Inside the Palace

  • Once inside, you can hear some of the Hundred Acres music in the background.
  • Typically you will get one shot at seeing the characters. They do a loop around the restaurant and only make it to your table once during your visit.
  • When you get to your table, you will have a few minutes before the characters appear. The person that seats you will let you know how much time you have.
  • A cast member will give you a quick warning that your table is next.
  • Make sure to have the cameras and autographs ready before the Character comes to your table. You don’t want to miss your child first view of the Characters.

Interacting with the Charaters

  • It's best that any children in highchairs are sitting closest to the isle. This will make it easier for the characters to give hugs. It will make it easier to take pictures.
  • Its very rare to get a picture with multiple characters together. In other words, don't expect to get pictures of Tigger and Eeyore in one shot.
  • The characters will be at your table for a brief time, just enough to take pictures and sign autographs.
  • Every so often there is a "Pooh-rade." This is where young children can march along with Pooh bear around a section of the restaurant. There is a brief announcement before the parade starts.
Crystal Palace Breakfasts

Buffett and Service

  • At the buffet section, there is a Pooh's Corner, Children's Buffet where kids can pick up some delicious goods. At breakfast time, you can get the Mickey Waffles and the Winnie the Pooh's Puffed French Toast. (I highly recommend the Puffed French Toast!)
  • Fruit tends to go quickly at the Buffett.
  • Service is very well here, if you need a refill or plates removed it typically happens faster than most restaurants.
  • When leaving, look of the flower display in the center of the restaurant. Yup, all your favorite Hundred Acres Woods friends are there. It's a good picture spot.
  • The bathrooms are nice and clean and typically not busy. It's a good idea to get clean up before venturing out for a fun day at the Magic Kingdom.


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