February 12, 2015

Disney's Art of Animation Resort

Earlier this year we went to the Disneyworld and stayed at the Finding Nemo suites in the Disney's Art of Animation Resort. Here are some things consider packing if you are going:

Laundry - In each of the theme hotel rooms are laundry facities. You should consider packing some laundry supplies such as detergent and dryer sheets. If anything pack a dryer sheet since it can help make your clothes smell good. Also don't forget to pack a laundry bag to carry the clothes back and forth from the laundrymat.

Money - Bring some extra change with you in case you need to use the vending machines. A 20oz bottle cost $3 at the room floor vending machines. Many of the machines accept dollar bills, and only one of them accept credit cards. There's also a souvenir penny machine in the seating area of the cafe.

USB hub - Buy a good travel size USB hub charging station. This will make it easy to charge all your devices, Phones, Cameras and tablets. Got a FitBit? Don't forget to bring that charger too! You can get a good multiport USB Hub for $30.

Stickers - If you get the meal plan, which you should do if your staying for more than 5 days, you should bring some stickers to easily identify your souvenir mug. Disney only has a few unique designs, and if you have a large party it might be hard to tell the souvenir mugs apart.

Bath Toy - Disney doesn't have any restrictions on toys in the pool. Pack up some pool/bath toys for your toddler. Your toddler will be the most popular person in the pool as everyone will want to play with the toys.

Luggage Scale - If you plan on buying a lot of things at the parks, having a digital luggage scale can save you a lot of trouble at the airport. You'll be able to balance all your luggage and know a head of time if you are over the 50 lbs limit.

Dish Soap - In the Finding Nemo suites, they have a kitchen sink but no dish soap. Pack up some Dish soap in a 3oz travel container. You'll need it to clean out the souvenir mugs between uses. You can buy some dish soap at the store, but you'll end up spending $4 for a small bottle.

HDMI Cable - If your tablet has a HDMI connector you should consider bringing an HDMI cable to watch movies on the TV. In the Finding Nemo rooms both TVs have an easy HDMI hookup. Yes, the rooms have Free Wi-Fi access.


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