January 20, 2015

Photo Cloud Storage


Yahoo's Flickr photo-sharing service is now offering one full terabyte for users, enough storage space to hold whole swathes of the world's photos. The service is offering this benefit in addition to its full resolution photo storage service.

While the average user will probably not touch the outer limits of this storage space in a lifetime, this alone is probably enough to draw dedicated photographers to the service and, more important, bring lapsed users back to the Yahoo fold.


Only photos over 2048x2048 pixels and videos longer than 15 minutes count toward your storage limit. This is much better than Flickr and Amazons offering since Google is the only cloud service that offers free storage for videos.

Videos take up a lot of disk space and having an online resource to store the videos is excellent. About 90% of all my video clips are less than 10 minutes. So I'll certainly be storing my videos on Google+ instead of my computer.

The downside is that Google will reduce the resolution of photos to 2048x2048, which is similar to taking photos with a 3MB camera. If I wanted to print these to an 4x6 the photos will be fine. It's a good repository to store photos that I may need to use online later.

Amazon Cloud Prime Photo Service

Amazon Prime now includes free storage in Amazon Cloud Drive for your entire photo collection. Enjoy secure photo storage, automatic photo and video backup, and anywhere access. It's very easy to access photos from the Amazon Kindle devices.


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