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April 20, 2011

Wild Turkeys

This year I have seen quiet a few wild turkeys in the Boston area. I don't know if it's a population explosion or something, but it seems weird to see so many wild turkeys.

I have seen them in various locations in Framingham, near Cushing Park and in Lexington near Route 2. They aren't the same turkeys because of the different size and colors.

I don't know who the known predator of Turkeys, Wolves, Foxes?  I got a feeling next year that they will be a population explosion of them.

Also in the Cushing Park area a Red Tail hawk has been flying around. Usually you'll see some crows attacking the hawk. I suspect that the crows are trying to force the hawk out of its territory.

April 18, 2011


This weekend we put up shutters on 10 windows on our house. Here are some of the lessons that we learned:

Never move a ladder with a drill on the top.
This happened during the first widow and I ended up getting a cut on my face. Lucky for me it was a small cut since it could have been worst.

Make sure to measure all the Shutters before drilling them
We mis-calculated on the bay window and decided that larger shutters would be better. We couldn't return the other shutter since I already drill holes in them. This mistake cost us $30. Hopefully this advice will save you money!

Make sure to drill all the way in the house.
There are a couple of shutter holes that I didn't drill all the way in, and as a result the placeholder isn't all the way in.

Shop around for shutters.
Both Lowes and HomeDepothad shutters, but HomeDepot had enough supply on hand to meet our needs. Both stores had them in the Window department near the back wall.

It took about 15 minutes to do each window. Some of the windows took a little bit longer because they were high off the ground a little tricky to do. Also it was difficult to maneuver the latter around some bushes and flowers.

We found that it does take two people to put up the shutters, if you want to get it done right this isn't a one person job. Also it best to drill the hole locations in the shutters first then put the bottom of the shutter on the house. This way the second person didn't have to hold the shutter while getting saw dust in their hair.

April 5, 2011

Kiddle Carbon Monoxide Alarm

If you have a any Carbon Monoxide Alarm, you should check the battery in it. Even if the alarm is plug in, the battery does need to be replace on a regular bases.

We have a Kiddle Carbon Monoxide Alarm, and the way that it notified us that the battery is low is that it beeps at odd times. So for no reason at all the alarm would go off. There is no indicator of why its going off, and in fact the Alarm light would go off indicating to "Move to Freash Air." It would be better to have a 'Low Battery' warning.

Replacing the battery every year will avoid any false Carbon Monoxide Alarms. We'll be updating our smoke alarm and the Carbon Monoxide Alarm at the same time next year.

March 8, 2011

Fiotec FPOS1300x-03

We have a Fiotec FPOS1300x-03 Tempest 1/6 HP pump in our basement which we use to pump out water. We plan on getting a stump pump later this spring, this will be more of a permanent solution. We rarely get water in the basement, just when there's a lot of rain during a short amount of time, usually because the ground is too saturated.

During the rain storm this weekend, and the melting snow, the water table rose. On Sunday night at 11:45PM there was about 6 inches of water in our basement water hole. By 3:45am the amount of water rose to 9 inches. At 10 inches the basement becomes flooded.

We ran the Fiotec pump for 3 hours and got the number down to 7 inches. This means that 2,970 gallons of water was removed from the basement. The pump ran again various times throught out the day on Monday and by Tuesday morning, the water level was at 5 inches.

The pump works really well, there wasn't any problem with getting the water out. By keeping an eye on the water level and the weather, we were able to avoid a flood this weekend.

We keep a wooden ruler by the pump hole to measure the water level and constantly monitor it to make sure that the water level doesn't rise to a dangerous level. We use to mark the wooden ruler where the water would rise to, but now we record the amount on a piece of paper that is near the water hole.

February 14, 2011

Leslie Swimming Pool Supply

Looks like Leslie Swimming Pool Supply will be opening up in Framingham on Route 9 east bound, right after the Framingham University off ramp. (769 Worcester Road, Framingham MA)

Central Pools a Spas in Natick may see a slight decline in sales as they were the single source supplier for anyone owning a Pool or Spa in Metro West.

November 18, 2010

Winter Street Bridge

The construction cost of the Winter Street Bridge over the Sudbury River is $5,551,576,85. Construction is to start in the Fall of 2012 and be completed by 2015.

The proposed project involves the replacement of two single span bridges carrying Winter Street over the Sudbury River in Framingham. The proposed bridge will be a two-span concrete structure and constructed wider to provide vehicular, bicycle and ADA accommodation. The horizontal and vertical alignments will remain essentially the same. Staged construction will be used to maintain vehicular and pedestrian traffic during construction.

About a mile down the street the Winter Street bride over the railroad track will be completed by spring 2014 at an estimated $7.1 million. Construction is schedule to start in the summer of 2011.

August 14, 2010

Breakfast in Framingham

Over the past couple of weeks, we have eaten at various breakfast places in the Framingham area. Here are four places we suggest you try:

Cafe Fresh Bagels
957 Worcester Road, Framingham MA
This is right next door to Centre Pizza. A great little Cafe that has large fresh bagels.Tip: Try a bagel sandwich at the Cafe and when your finish order some bagels for the week! They have great salt bagels!

Kugel's Deli
855 Worcester Road, Framingham MA
This is located in the Old Trolley Square Shopping Center, just off of Route 9 west bound. A great deli with a terrific breakfast selection, include really good Corn Beef Hash Browns.

Lloyd's Diner
184 Fountain Street, Framingham MA
Located near the O'Keefe Technical School this is a typical cable car type of diner. The food didn't seem that unique and they had a very basic menu, but I thought it was pretty good. They recently changed owners, so there food might have gotten better. I do remember that the service was really quick. Try to sit at the counter for the best diner experience.

743 Washington Street, Newton MA
This is worth the drive to great breakfast place that also has great ice cream, which makes it a perfect brunch spot. They have lots of wonderful breakfast treats, their french toast is really good! Tip: Sit at the counter to watch them make the ice cream treats and get some ideas for desert while you wait for your meal!

June 23, 2010

Water Rates going up

Sometimes it doesn't pay to conserve water. Take this example from Framingham, Mass:

Chief Financial Officer Mary Ellen Kelley last night recommended selectmen set new rates about 9 percent higher than the current ones.

The increase, which selectmen are expected to vote on July 13, would tack an extra $74 onto the average family's bill. The hike is driven by a drop in water consumption and a higher assessment Framingham must pay the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, Kelley told the board during a preliminary rate hearing.

This means that consumers that used less water are now going to have to pay more? Shouldn't consumer be rewarded for conserving water?

January 27, 2010

Amana Refrigerator

We had a problem with our Amana Refrigerator; model number ABB2227DEB, the cooling part stop working around 4pm last night. Both the Refrigerator and Freezer were not keeping cool and the ice in the freezer has started melting. We could hear the refrigerator running, it wasn't making any strange noise, and the light turned on when we opened the door.

We called several places in the Framingham area to see if someone would come out last night. We made about 10 calls and wasn't able to find anyone. We were surprised that there wasn't a 24-hour service available in the Framingham area. After about 20 minutes of trying, we decided that we would wait till the morning to call a local repair company.

I took a quick trip to Stop and Shop and got six bags of ice (cost $12.50). We packed up all the perishables and put them in a couple of coolers we had. We put the coolers on the deck, since it wasn't going to get above freezing overnight. We put some of the frozen foods in the spare freezer in the basement.

This morning we called Belcher's Appliance Center in Framingham, (508) 626-2321, to see if someone would come out to fix the refrigerator. Someone was at the door within 5 minutes of calling them. What great service! This isn't the first time they did this, last April when we had a problem with our washer someone came within 10 minutes of calling them.

The guy initially thought the issue was with the fan since it was running slow and replaced it with a new one that he had. However that one was also running slow. He then said it was probably the Control Board that wasn't working correctly. He had a new Control Board in his truck and was a part that was able to replace it very quickly. He told me that it's a common problem in some refrigerators and that's why he had them.

Once the new Control Board was in place, the fan worked fine. He told us to wait a few hours for the temp to get to normal before putting in any of the food that we took out. He was able to fix everything within a half hour.

Site Note: About a week ago, we noticed a problem with some items in the refrigerator freezing. This should have been an early warning sign for us since we had the exact same issue with our last refrigerator in Newton. So be aware, if you discover some of your items in the refrigerator starting to freeze you might be having a problem with the Control Board.


January 25, 2010

Panasionic FV-11VHL1 Fan

We have a Panasonic fan that was not working correctly in our bathroom. We decided to look for a replacement and was surprise that there weren't that many fans that fit in the ceiling opening. We were unable to get any information from the Panasonic website since, at the time, we didn't know the particular model that we have.

We consulted several people and eventually the owner at The Lighting Showroom, in Orleans Ma, was able to tell us that we should be looking at FV-11VHL2 model fans. We didn't buy it a new one from them since we were able to identify one online for about $200 cheaper than what they were selling them for.

We ended up buying the fan at National Trade Supply for $270.30 including shipping.

When it came time to replace the fan we had our electrician do the installation. He took a look at our setup and determine that our problem was not related to a bad fan but that the exhaust valve was blocked. He cleaned all the dust and the fan worked fine.

The electrician was able to identify that we have a Panasonic FV-11VHL1.

The lesson learn in our fan replacement journey:

  • Identify the fan you currently have. Early on, we thought we had the correct model number but it turns out that we had the fan engine model number.
  • Don't count on Home Depot or Lowes for fans, both have a limited selection to large fan sizes
  • Don't open the fan box until you are sure that you really need the fan.