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August 11, 2019

Boards & Commissions Workshop

The City of Framingham Massachusetts will have a Boards & Commissions Workshop on Tuesday, August 13, This is a chance for ordinary citizens to learn how to participate in city government.

There are many open positions on different city commissions and committees. This is a chance to learn more about the positions and how to get involved.

Sample Openings

Some sample of Commission openings:

Framingham Meetings

Event Description

The City of Framingham values the input and contributions of its community members. One way the City engages civic participation is through Boards, Commissions, and Committees. Framingham utilizes the strengths of engaged residents in areas of respective passions to provide guidance and input into matters that affect the quality of life for all Framingham residents and visitors.

City of Framingham Boards and Commissions cover topics and issues ranging from agriculture, land use, human services, and so much more, providing an opportunity for civic engagement and a chance to enrich the lives of all community members.

Please join the Office of the Mayor at the Boards, Commissions, and Committees workshop to learn how to how to use your skills to make a difference.

Boards & Commissions Workshop

The Workshop will be on Tuesday, August 13, 6-7 p.m. in the Ablondi Room of Framingham City Hall. Registration is required!

April 7, 2019

Boston Marathon Timeline

Next Monday is Marathon Monday, it’s a pretty big deal for most people in MetroWest. Some people are excited to run the Boston Marathon- while others are excited to spend some time cheering on the runners.

Some people in Framingham like to watch the runners come up the hill near the reservoir in Framingham.

Timeline of Runners

Framingham Winter Street Watch
The "red" timeline indicates when it's difficult to cross Waverly Street.

For additional tips, check out the 2012 blog post: 2012 Boston Marathon

Best Time to Arrive

For the best view in front of the La Catina restaurant, your best to arrive before 8am. Most of the crowds around 9am.

In addition to a good view, you'll get a nice parking spot at Keefe Technical School. It's a short walk over the bridge to Waverly street.

La Catina side of Waverly Street is good because you can leave the marathon whenever you want.

March 18, 2018

Framingham Commuter Rail Tips

Are you new to traveling the Worcester/Framingham Commuter Rail? Here's some advice from a regular commuter

Framingham Commuter Tips

  • Take the Express (if possible) - Framingham is lucky to have regular express trains and you'll arrive into the City of Boston about 25 minutes quicker than a standard train.
  • Arrive at the Station Early - Most Commuters arrive at the station about 5 minutes before the train arrives. Try to get get there 10 mins early for a better parking space. The MBTA has worked hard to keep the trains running on time and they will not wait for you.
  • Infield Lot - Fills up quickly by 7:45. After that your better off parking in the lot that you see when you arrive at the station. (Infield Lot Info)
  • Leaving Downtown Framingham at peak time - There are several trains that arrive in downtown Framingham between 5:30 and 6:15, causing lots of backups at the Concord Street/126 Intersection. Your best bet would be to avoid that intersection at that time.
  • Know Where to Board - The incoming trains usually stop at the track nearest 126 (Opposite the main parking lot.) In the mornings the crowds are always gathering on that side of the track. Keep an eye on the marquee signs as they will indicate the times of the arrival trains.
  • Boarding the Train - Usually the front of the train is best for South Station, middle for Back Bay and the rear for Yawkey.
  • No Credit Cards allowed for on Board Ticket purchases - Use the mTicket application to purchase tickets. Don't wait until you board, do it while waiting for the train. Conductors do not like to wait for you to enter your credit card info in the app.
  • Sign up for MBTA Alerts - Go to MBTA T-Alerts and sign up to get notifications on delays.
  • Monthly Pass Card - if you have a physical monthly pass card guard it as if its money. If you loose it you can't get a free replacement. I usually just hold it in my hands to show the conductor and then put it back in my wallet.
February 7, 2018

Getting to Logan Airport

Framingham residents do have several options for getting to Logan International Airport. Here's a look at the four possible options. I also include the costs and the benefits of each option.

In these options, I am comparing a party of 3, 2-Adults and 1 child on a typical 7-day vacation.

Using Logan Express

Total Airport Trip Cost: $93

You need to get to Logan Express really early to get the bus and make it to the airport. This is very popular during peak travel times. The overflow lot is near Kohls.

The first inbound service is 3 am and the last outbound service is 1:15 am (except Saturdays at 12:15 am). The service runs every half hour on weekdays and Sundays after 1 pm, and every hour on Saturdays and Sunday mornings.

You may be better off catching a taxi to Logan Express to save money.

Cost Breakdown
Cost of Parking at Logan Express:$7 a day
Cost of Bus Trip:$22 Round Trip

Taking the MBTA Commuter Rail

Total Airport Trip Cost: $42.50

While this might be the cheapest option, it involves traveling on multiple public transportation vehicles (Train and Bus). This would not be a good option if you have a lot of luggage or children.

This would be a good option if your traveling for a long period.

Cost Breakdown
Commuter Rail Ticket:$16.50 Round Trip (Children don't need a ticket)
Cost Silver Line:$2.75 (Per Person) to the airport. The trip is Free from Logan to South Station.

Driving and Parking at Logan International Airport

Total Airport Trip Cost: $192.90

This is the most expensive option. However, gives you the most control on getting to/from the airport. The driver can always drop off the passengers and the luggage at curbside and then park the car in the long-term lot.

Always check to see the status of the long-term lot. If there is an overflow lot, it may be closer to the terminals.

Cost Breakdown
Cost of Parking at Logan (Long Term Lot):$26 a day
Cost of Tolls:$3.70 (one-way) $3.50 (Ted Williams Tunnel) $10.90

Taxi to/from Logan International Airport

Total Airport Trip Cost: $126+ Tip

This would be a way to save money over parking at the long-term lot - especially for longer trips. Make sure to call Tommy Taxi Cab in advance so there is a car available for you.

Cost Breakdown (Tommy Taxi)
Cost of Getting to Logan:$62
Cost of to getting to Framingham:$64
January 31, 2018

Over the Air Signal in Framingham

This weekend we have joined the growing trend and cut the cord from Comcast's Xfinity service. We switched over to Fios Internet service without TV service.

We are getting live TV from Over the Air and from Hulu's new live service. Hulu also has some great cable programming that we like to watch.

In-House Antenna

Technology has gotten so advanced that you don't need a large outdoor antenna to get quality over the air TV signals - particularly if you live in Framingham or for that matter much of the MetroWest.

We purchased a Vansky 2018 Newest Indoor Amplified Digital HDTV Antenna It offers a 50 Mile Range, Local Broadcast 4K/HD/VHF/UHF, Signal TV Channels for Smart Television w/ Detachable Amplifier. We purchased it from Amazon. This works perfectly in our house. This is powered by USB, it comes with a wall adapter, but the USB port on the TV works just fine.

We did notice that our 10-year-old TV didn't get as many channels as some newer TV sets.

Over the Air in Framingham

Framingham residences can get access to 38 "Over the Air" channels. Here's the current listing that you should be able to get:

T V Listing Framingham

The quality of the picture is great. This is certainly not the same "Over The Air" picture quality from the 1980s and 1990s. No rabbit ears, just pure digital quality.

Using Hulu Live

It does take time to get used to Hulu interface - particularly after watching Xfinity for a long time. When you turn it on you get a menu on what you want to watch, not live TV right away.

The live functionality isn't available on every platform. Only Samsung TVs has built-in support for Live, on other TVs, you need to use the Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV or Chrome Stick to view Live broadcasts.

We'll still be able to watch popular news channels - Fox News or CNN whenever we want.

What We'll Be Missing

Unfortunately we won't see any of the regular Red Sox, Celtics or Bruins games as they are all on cable channels. Hulu doesn't carry NBCSP and NESN, where most of the games are played.

In some cases, we'll miss Xfinity DVD functionality and the voice remote.

We'll also miss the Xfinity Hotspots, especially along the Framingham/Worcester line.

Cutting the Cable is the Future

More and more people are cutting the cable because people are too busy to watch live TV. They are watching TV on their terms and cable is too expensive.

January 24, 2018

24-Hours Stores in Framingham


Framingham is very fortunate to have many establishments that are open 24-Hours. Here’s a list of the various locations and a note about each:

CVS 1280 Worcester Rd (Corner of Temple and Worcester Road)Pharmacy is open 24-hours. Great place to go to get medicine for children that are sick at 3am.
Walgreens 653 Worcester Rd If CVS is out of your item, then try Walgreens. Good location if you live northern Framingham.
iHop 17 Edgell Road New Restaurant that offers breakfast and comfort foods any time of the day.
McDonalds Mass Pike I-90 Service Area Good place if your looking for a quick late night bite this would be a good stop
Dunkin Donuts 692 Cochituate Road (Near the Mass Pike) Looking for coffee before getting on the highway? One of the few Dunkin Donuts that is open 24-Hours. (The Dunkin on the Mass Pike isn't open 24-hours) They do have food services all night. It's great place to get donuts or donut holes for a late night software releases.
Cumberland Farms 730 Cochituate Road Gas Station and Shop is open 24-hours. Great place to stop to fill up before heading to Logan Airport and catching the early morning flight.
Seasons Corner Market 846 Concord St Shell Station that accepts Stop and Shop Fuel Reward Card. Easy access from Route 9 or Route 30.
Tedeschi Food Shop 430 Waverly Street (At the Corner of Concord and Waverly Street) Lots of good snacks for the late night cravings.
VERC Gulf Nobscot 876 Edgell Road Small store, has a lot of the basics. Convenient for those living around Nobscot and Northern Framingham.
January 17, 2018

Villages of Framingham

Framingham Villages

The City of Framingham is broken down into 10 active neighborhoods:

  • Downtown - City Offices, Downtown Framingham, MBTA Commuter Rail Station, MetroWest Medical Center.
  • Coburnville - Keefe Technical School, Waushakum Pond
  • Framingham Centre - Framingham State University, Centre Common, Bowditch Field
  • Golden Triangle - Shopper's World, Target, AMC DINE-IN and Logan Express
  • Nobscot - Edgel Road and Water Street, Garden in the Woods, Knox Trail Boy Scout Camp
  • North Framingham - Wittenborg Woods, Callahan State Park, Hanson's Farm, Sudbury Valley School
  • Salem End Road - Salem End Road, Framingham Country Club, Temple Street Plaza
  • Saxonville - Framingham High School, Venetian Tower, Lake Cochituate and Cochituate State Park
  • South Framingham - ADESA Boston and South Middlesex Correctional Center
  • West Framingham - Cushing Memorial Park and Reservoir area
January 10, 2018

Sudbury Aqueduct

In May 2012, the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority allowed the public access to inactive aqueducts on various sites around Metrowest. One of the sites open was the Sudbury Aqueduct in Framingham.

Sudbury Aquduct

Five Things I learned about the Sudbury Aqueduct

  • This portion of the Aqueduct was created between 1875 and 1878.
  • The purpose of the Sudbury Aqueduct is to move water from the Framingham Reservoir to Farm Pond as part of the route to transfer water from the Quabbin Reservoir to Boston.
  • According to MWRA records, the aqueduct tunnel is brick lined and is 8.5 feet in diameter and 7.6 feet high.
  • The Sudbury Aqueduct was taken out of regular service in 1978. The Aqueduct is still maintained as it needs to be available as an emergency back-up to the regional water supply system.
  • This portion of Aqueduct is only xx feet, from Winter Street to Dudley Road. Local residents use the trail to get to Cushing Memorial Park.

Rules of the Aqueduct

There is a sign at both entrances to the Sudbury Aqueduct which read:

Welcome to the Sudbury Aqueduct walking trail.

This property is passive trail that has been permitted for use from the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority to the Town of Framingham Parks & Recreation Department.

The Town of Framingham and the MWRA would like to thank you for visiting the Sudbury Aqueduct walking trail. We ask that you observe the following while using this trail;

  • Passive activity only (e.g.: walking, jogging, or bicycling). All other users are prohibited.
  • Activity is restricted to 20 ft wide corridor down the center of the aqueduct. The use of all other land is considered trespassing and is prohibited.
  • All users are responsible to access their own abilities and physical limitations prior to entering the property.
  • Trail is open Dawn to Dusk
  • Alcohol is prohibited
  • Motorized Vehicles are prohibited.
  • All dogs must be leashed. Remove all pet waste.
  • Do not liter. This is a carry-in, carry-out facility.
  • Please look for the 'Aqueduct Trails' markers along the trails to find your GPS location.

Getting to the Sudbury Aqueduct

The best place to park your car is at the Cushing Memorial Park near the chapel. You can then safely walk down Dudley Street to the entrance of the Sudbury Aqueduct.

Looking for the 'Aqueduct Trails' markers looks like a fun game to play with kids.

January 3, 2018

Plastic Bag Ban in Framingham

Welcome to 2018 in Framingham, there are some new changes around here...

Now a City

Framingham is American's newest City. Most residents won't see much of a change during the transformation.

No more Plastic Bags!

At the 2016 Town Meeting, residents voted in favor of Article 42 - Amend General Bylaws: Article VIII Section 8 - Plastic Bag Reduction Bylaw.

According to the Article, the intent of the new Bylaw:

The production and use of thin film single-use plastic checkout bags have significant impacts on the environment, including, but not limited to: contributing to the potential death of marine animals through ingestion and entanglement; contributing to pollution of the land environment; creating a burden to solid waste collection and recycling facilities; clogging storm drainage systems; and requiring the use of millions of barrels of crude oil nationally for their manufacture. The purpose of this bylaw is to eliminate the usage of thin-film-single-use plastic bags by all retail and grocery stores in the Town of Framingham, on or after January 1, 2017.

How will this be enforced?

According to the Article:

Enforcement of this bylaw shall be the responsibility of the Town Manager (now Mayor) or his/her designee. The Town Manager shall determine the inspection process to be followed, incorporating the process into other town duties as appropriate.Any retail or grocery store distributing plastic grocery bags in violation of this bylaw shall be subject to a non-criminal disposition fine as specified in Appendix A of the Regulations for Enforcement of Town Bylaws under LM.G. Chapter 40,2S1D -Any such fines shall be paid to the Town of Framingham.

Plastic Bags

Framingham Not Alone on the Ban

Plastic Bag Regulations have been approved in 61 Cities and Towns in Massachusetts. The following city and towns in Massachusetts have now ban the use of plastic bags in retail stores:

  • Barnstable
  • Brookline
  • Cambridge (includes a fee per bag)
  • Concord
  • Falmouth
  • Great Barrington
  • Greenfield (proposed)
  • Hamilton
  • Harwich
  • Manchester
  • Marblehead
  • Nantucket (1S25 3- on biodegradable packaging)
  • Newburyport
  • Newton
  • Natick - August 2017
  • Northampton
  • Pittsfield - In Progress
  • Provincetown
  • Somerville - August, 2016
  • Truro
  • Wellfleet
  • Williamstown

State Law Proposed

There is a Bill in the Massachusetts legislature that will make any single-use bags against the law - not just plastic bags. If the bill passes, the law would go into effect on August 1, 2018.

The Bill S.424 simply states:

Except as provided in this section on and after August 1, 2018, a store shall not provide a single-use carryout bag to a customer at the point of sale.

The Bill is currently in a Joint Senate/House hearing. However, pass bills never made it Pass the Joint hearing and pretty much dies in committee.

December 27, 2017

Top 7 Wednesday Blog Posts of 2017

Wednesday this year was a mix of different topics. Earlier in the year the focus was on Affinity Designer, then Bash , Productivity and then finally the topic turned to Framingham .

There were a lot of interesting posts done this year, it was difficult to pick just seven...

Top Seven Wednesday Blog Posts

In no particular order...